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    Creative Energy Solutions Private Limited was founded by Rajesh Kalwala in August 2020.

    Kalwala Rajesh Gupta is a qualified Electrical engineer and has done his master’s in Project management. He has about 14+ years of Professional experience in structuring Renewable Energy solutions.

    His brief stints include:

    • Worked as Senior Engineer at HBL Power Systems Limited, Hyderabad for the period 2009 – 2016.
    • Project Manager at US based Wind Stream Energy Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., from 2016 to 2020.
    • In August 2020, he started his entrepreneurial journey by setting up
      Creative EnergySolutions in Hyderabad to drive top-notch professional product delivery and service in the renewable energy space.


    Rajesh has driven setting up of 10 MWs plus of Solar, Wind and Hybrid based power generating units in more than six countries (Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, and India). He has rich knowledge or understanding of Solar Panels, Batteries, UPS, Inverters, mounting structures, etc. Some of the proud installations he designed and setting up of solar plant at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Governor Bungalows in Maharashtra and Meghalaya, Telangana Chief Minister’s office (CM Camp Office), Residences of many IAS, IPS officers, some include Mr Jayaprakash Narayan (Lok Satta), Mr Asaduddin Owaisi, Mr Goutham Sawang.

    Designed tailer made Products for Indian Army (LOC, Line of controls), Telecom and Fisheries, National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) etc.

    He has trained staff of many solar system integrators in India and is a consultant for many Renewable Energy companies and is vividly invited for guest lectures at notable engineering colleges like CBIT, MGIT, Vagdevi Engineering Colleges and technical institutes in Hyderabad.

    Happened to be The First Domestic On-Grid Solar rooftop net metering plant Installer with 50% Government subsidy in Samaikhya Andhra Pradesh

    Baswaraju Vuppala

    **Senior Advisor, Solar Energy and IT Solutions**

    Bringing a robust blend of expertise with 10 years in electrical engineering and 23 years in information technology, Baswaraju Vuppala stands as a pillar of innovation and cross-disciplinary prowess at Creative Energy Solutions. His extensive background encompasses not only the technical intricacies of electrical systems but also the dynamic world of IT services design, development, and management. Baswaraju Vuppala’s appointment as our Senior Advisor for Solar Energy and IT Solutions underscores our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with renewable energy efforts.

    #Background and Expertise

    After earning a degree in Electrical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University,Hyderabad, Baswaraju Vuppala embarked on a decade-long journey in the electrical engineering sector, specializing in public utility energy systems. His transition into the information technology sphere was marked by an impressive 23-year career, where he led initiatives to design, develop, and sustain innovative IT services . This unique combination of skills has enabled Baswaraju Vuppala to contribute significantly to projects that lie at the intersection of energy and technology.

    #Contributions to Innovation and Sustainability

    Baswaraju Vuppala has been at the forefront of creating solutions that blend the reliability of traditional electrical engineering with the agility and innovation of information technology. His work has contributed to the development of smarter, more efficient solar energy systems that leverage the latest in IT to ensure sustainability and user-friendly interfaces. His holistic approach has not only enhanced the performance and accessibility of renewable energy but also pushed the envelope in how we think about and utilize technology in environmental conservation.

    #Vision for Creative Solutions

    In this role at Creative Solutions, Baswaraju Vuppala leverages  diverse background to guide our teams across both solar energy projects and IT solutions development. His expertise is invaluable in crafting integrated strategies that address the challenges and opportunities of today’s energy sector. Baswaraju Vuppala is deeply committed to driving innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, guiding [Creative Solutions] towards achieving our ambitious goals in renewable energy and beyond.